I was dismayed to read Tom Shales's jingoism in denouncing documentary filmmaker Michael Moore's speech at the Oscars as "self-promoting," an "outlandish and outrageous disruption," "one of the worst Oscar speeches" and an "obnoxious display" [Style, March 24].

Mr. Moore, as he usually does, was saying something truthful and important about the world without regard for how it might affect his career or his popularity.

What's the point of having the right of free expression if you let the people who control the microphones tell you what you're allowed to talk about?




No one can accuse Michael Moore of being a class act. His ugly and demagogic attack on President Bush at the Oscars went way over the line. Like a child in a temper tantrum, he used a professional awards night to launch a mean-spirited attack on the commander in chief on a day when American troops were losing their lives to protect Mr. Moore's freedom to make his films.

Perhaps Mr. Moore will consider dedicating his next documentary to the millions of Iraqis who have been oppressed by Saddam Hussein for more than 30 years.


Falls Church