Will someone explain to me why pictures showing Iraqi POWs abound in your paper, while the Bush administration cries daily about the showing of U.S. POWs in the Arab media?

An egregious example of this apparent disregard of the Geneva Conventions is the front page of your March 31 edition, which showed captured Iraqi militiamen. Some would argue that the photo reveals only certain captives' profiles. But enough is shown to allow someone to identify several of these men.

Page A15 of the newspaper actually shows full frontal shots of certain Iraqi militiamen.

This double standard astounds me.

-- Laurie F. Siegel


A beautiful young child who was killed in Baghdad was fully shown in your paper March 29. Not only did I feel sickened by this picture, but I was perplexed about why you do not apply the same standards of decency we expect of the Arab media in showing our servicemen killed in Iraq. What if this child had a relative in this country who happened to read your paper that day? While I think it is important for the American people to see the human faces of the war, I urge you to reconsider pictures that would identify the victims, Iraqi as well as American, who have been killed because of this war.

-- Sandra K. Lockhart