An April 18 Post editorial failed to tell the full story regarding the "Operation Hotmix" investigation of the D.C. Department of Public Works.

The investigation, indictments and convictions are a result of events that took place between 1995 and 1998, before Mayor Anthony A. Williams was in office and while the agencies involved were directed by individuals no longer employed by the District. The editorial neglects to make this essential distinction.

In May 2000, the Williams administration -- recognizing the failure of the District to manage its transportation program at an acceptable level of quality since the mid-1980s -- began reforming the public works department's transportation infrastructure program. This effort to "fix the way we fix the streets" in the District led to the establishment of a separate Department of Transportation.

The departments of transportation and public works provided vital assistance and support to the investigations that comprised Operation Hotmix. We also reorganized the construction project management program to enhance accountability and productivity -- reducing construction lead time, improving contractor performance and increasing the number of projects delivered.

As for those staffers from public works and transportation who were implicated, indicted or convicted, not a single one remains on the city payroll. That alone speaks a world of difference regarding the reforms we have made in our departments and those that are being made throughout the District of Columbia.



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