In the hullabaloo surrounding the attempts to bring a baseball team to Washington, a salient fact is neglected: The District has had two baseball teams and they both left.

RFK Stadium is a perfect venue for baseball, but the fan support couldn't come close to filling the seats. Both baseball teams left because they weren't making enough money. Fans stayed away because the teams weren't very good and the tickets cost too much.

Instead of trying to bring a Major League Baseball team back to Washington, fans and the sport would be better served if a minor league team came to the District, with prices set to accommodate families' attendance. If Washington built a strong fan base over the years, then a major league team would come knocking, instead of the present situation ["Selig Uneasy About D.C. Baseball's Effect," Sports, May 20].

It's not too late. Baltimore Orioles owner Peter Angelos might even consider a Baltimore Class AA or AAA team for the District. Then he wouldn't have to worry about Washington siphoning off his profits.

A good team, lots of fans, a stadium on the subway line, a tourist attraction and cheap seats -- what's not to like?


Oak Hill