Blogged Down in Scandal

I wonder whether publishing Richard Leiby's interview with a 24-year-old woman [Style, May 23] was within journalistic bounds or whether it violated other standards. The Capitol Hill staffer who posted her sex diaries on the Internet seemed delighted to describe her daily adventures, and Leiby was more than accommodating. Will these be words she regrets? What of her mother and father? It may be titillating to some, but it doesn't belong in your paper.

-- Jonathan Chace


'Orpheus' on the Big Screen

At the risk of being considered a grubby pedant, let me say that Peter Marks [Style, May 24], who said that there's no film version of "Orpheus Descending" to rent, may be interested to know that Tennessee Williams's play was adapted by the author for the screen in 1960. Sidney Lumet directed "The Fugitive Kind," which features Anna Magnani and Marlon Brando, and it is available on videotape.

-- John Lescault

Silver Spring

Glamorizing Gangs

I was surprised and dismayed to see a front-page article, with a color photo, about gangs in movies ["In Los Angeles, Actors With a Proven Record," May 26]. What were you thinking? Our community is still reeling from the death of a Herndon High School student and the malicious wounding of another student in Fairfax County. On May 25 your paper's Metro section reported that state and federal governments are stepping up to help stop gang violence. William Booth's article glamorizes gang activity and related violence. Do our children need to read that money can be made by those who have been in gangs and who have served prison time? This is not the message we should be sending to our children, especially at this time of heightened violence.

-- Jodi Sleeper-Triplett


Pet Polemic

Dan Parks is right that people should keep their dogs from bothering people in public spaces ["Hounded," Outlook, May 23]. But he does not have the right or the credentials to judge which dog breeds are suitable as "domestic pets." Nor should he place the harm caused by loose dogs on par with that caused by overindulgent owners who clothe their pets in frilly sweaters. What begins as a reasonable plea for common sense and public safety degenerates into a polemic.

-- Laura Jones


A Distracted Shaq

An article by Ben Goessling and a column by Michael Wilbon [Sports, May 24] focused on Shaquille O'Neal's sub-par offensive performance in the Los Angeles Lakers-Minnesota Timberwolves game on May 23. Neither writer mentioned the May 21 murder of O'Neal's housekeeper in the Houston house where his former companion, Arnetta Yardbourgh, and their daughter reside. This tragedy could have been cited as one reason for O'Neal's poor game.

-- Doug Snyder