Recently, I drove from Arlington to Richmond on Interstate 95. I risked my life in the process. Being an average motorist, I drove about 75 mph, trying to keep up with traffic. At one point a tractor-trailer swerved into my lane (after tailgating me at 80 mph). Several dozen cars blazed past, going at least 85 mph. Nowhere was there a trooper to stop these lunatic speeders.

Readers: Drive like you have some sense!

Police: Enforce the speed limit!

Speeders: Stop!

Consider other lives and remember what you learned in driver's education.




The cell phone ban that goes in effect July 1 in the District is -- how shall I say it? -- ah, yes, stupid.

It's not well thought out, it adds one more burden to an already overworked police force and it will not address the problem of accidents and reckless driving.

Maybe reckless drivers -- and new drivers -- should be barred from using phones while driving. But they also probably should be barred from other distracting activities such as smoking, eating, drinking and talking. Meanwhile, a lot of good drivers out there will be punished by this new law.

A better solution than outlawing hands-on use of cell phones would be to ticket cell phone users who drive erratically or cause accidents. Add two or three points to their driving records. Assess them hefty fines. But don't punish careful drivers just because they have phones to their ears. And don't punish police by making them chase otherwise law-abiding phone users; they have enough on their plates already.