In light of the suggestion of Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) to rename the Pentagon the Ronald Reagan National Defense Building [news story, June 10], I'd like to propose the following: Remove the head from Thomas Jefferson at his memorial and replace it with a replica of Ronald Reagan's head.

Likewise with the Lincoln Me- morial. Just shorten Abe's coat a bit, replace his head with Mr. Reagan's, and, presto, you have two new memorials.

Since it isn't enough to have named a major airport and a huge federal building after the late president, we also could have Ronald Reagan shopping malls, bus terminals, Amtrak stations, etc.

Mr. Reagan was a decent man. But let's not get carried away with romanticizing the 1980s.




I'm a Republican, but it is beyond my comprehension why anyone wants to replace Franklin Delano Roosevelt's image on the dime with Ronald Reagan's [news story, June 6]. Roosevelt's vice, I suppose, is that he was a Democrat.

If our elected officials want to do something to honor American presidents and hold our patriotic history "up to the light," they should do the jobs they were hired to do.

Hardworking Americans need political, economic and social relief. Above all, Americans need jobs.


Driftwood, Tex.