It is rather remarkable the amount of interest your paper takes in the affairs of Loudoun County ["There They Grow Again," editorial, July 9], especially considering Loudoun's national rankings in quality of life, job creation and economic health. Despite your paper's rants, Loudoun County is well governed. Loudoun residents enjoy perhaps the best public schools in Virginia along with a vibrant community that is the envy of the Washington area.

Your paper's editorial criticizes the recent rezoning of Goose Creek Preserve. But this development is an excellent example of "smart growth." The project was well planned, was consistent with the comprehensive plan adopted by the previous board of supervisors and met all the requirements needed to be zoned, including significant contributions to transportation improvements and capital facilities.

If you can't do a suburban project in a suburban area near a major interchange and across the street from commercial development, where does your paper suggest that development should occur? As to former county board chairman Dale Polen Myers's interest in the property, the personal attack by your paper is contemptible. This property has been in her family for three generations and she has only a small personal interest and was not involved with the sale or development.

I would suggest that your paper find a community with real problems to worry about and leave Loudoun to its residents.

-- Richard D. Entsminger


The writer is vice president of Elm Street Development Co. and vice president of the Loudoun chapter of the Northern Virginia Building Industry Association.