Give us your high rollers, your hustlers, your bused-in masses yearning to win big . . . oops, sorry, wrong monument. Right here in our home town, people with visions of triple

cherries dancing in their heads are hoping to put slot machines little more than a dice throw from the National Mall. The idea may be a long shot, but it never hurts to plan -- so Outlook asked several artists to come up with designs for a gambling parlor that would be in keeping with Washington's distinctive

architectural look.


Niculae Asciu of New York City comments that Republicans might like this idea because it could make people forget that "Watergate" referred to an earlier political scandal. THE WHITE HOUSE MODEL

Cathy Hull of New York City also envisions a ballot-box slot machine; its lever would operate the device and shield the gambler from view behind green curtains.THE LINCOLN MODEL

Given the 16th president's enduring popularity,

Annie Bissett of Northampton, Mass., believes

that Honest Abe's gambling parlor would become Washington's most-visited attraction. THE CAPITOL MODELS

Dave Jonason of Mendocino, Calif., notes that his design is "a return to the Las Vegas of the Fifties, when we didn't know that all the things we liked to do were bad for us."

Dave Clark of Luray, Va., predicts that the federal government, not to be outdone by a "rogue state," will offer a double-or-nothing option on tax returns (House always wins!).