The Sierra Club's message to Metro riders is exactly right ["Activists Fan Out to Push Metro Funding," July 16]. As explained by the groups Taxpayers for Common Sense and Friends of the Earth in a recent report, "Road to Ruin," the $3 billion intercounty connector "would consume much of Maryland's share of federal transportation funding, and imperil other projects across the state," while failing to provide the promised traffic relief. In addition to Metro's current funding needs, the Purple Line, the Corridor Cities Transitway and important improvements to existing roads would be sacrificed to build the ICC.

Unfortunately, Montgomery County Executive Douglas M. Duncan (D) has yet to grasp this reality. In recent public appearances, Mr. Duncan has reiterated his support for the ICC while criticizing Maryland Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. (R) for failing to pursue the other projects. When will Mr. Duncan admit that because of the ICC's high price tag, there simply would not be enough money to do it all?

The only way our region can tackle its traffic congestion and air pollution problems is to spend our limited transportation funding on sensible mass-transit solutions, rather than the wasteful ICC.


Silver Spring