In the last paragraph of his July 16 op-ed column, Charles Krauthammer says: "It must be noted that one of the signatories of this attempt to force Israel to tear down its most effective means of preventing the slaughter of innocent Jews was the judge from Germany. The work continues." This sentence is outrageous and slanderous. It dishonors not only the International Court of Justice but also a well-reputed German judge and the German people.

I am deeply shocked at how post-World War II Germany can be so easily ignored. There is a renaissance in Germany of Jewish life and culture. Please check our Web site, Germany is the third-largest country of Jewish immigration -- after Israel and the United States.

Mr. Krauthammer may wish to know that the chairman of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Solomon Passy, marked the end of the OSCE conference on anti-Semitism in Berlin on April 29 by presenting the yellow star his grandfather had worn as a Jew in Bulgaria during World War II to the German foreign minister. These were his words: "My grandfather used to say that the time will come when we and the Germans will be allies again. . . . Then we shall return the yellow star to the Germans. I am happy that now I can fulfill the legacy of my grandfather and return the yellow star which he wore."

The conference in Berlin ended with a ringing condemnation of acts motivated by anti-Semitism or other forms of religious or racial hatred. I represent a nation that has accepted its responsibility for the Holocaust and built a close relationship with Israel over the past 50 years. That work continues.



Embassy of Germany