Regarding the July 14 Metro story "United Way Suspends Nonprofit; America's Charities' Role Is Questioned":

America's Charities has a 25-year unblemished history of leadership in workplace campaigns in the United States. Hundreds of employers nationwide, representing 10 million workers, include America's Charities in their campaigns. Our 100 members include the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Reading Is Fundamental and the NAACP Special Contribution Fund. We have always met all financial and program integrity standards while distributing almost $300 million to charities.

Unfortunately, since the local United Way scandal, many employers have stopped doing payroll-deduction charity drives. The result is a loss of about $25 million per year usually given to charities. Other employers have decided to conduct their own campaign, without the United Way's help. Two dozen in this area asked America's Charities for assistance.

During the past two years, employees of these organizations donated $8.7 million through America's Charities to hundreds of national and local charities. Employees in the campaigns run with our help increased giving by 18 percent last year. America's Charities is distributing at least 94 cents of every dollar donated. We're sending funds to area groups providing food, clothing, shelter and other services to people in need.

In the past two years, America's Charities wrote to the United Way twice, suggesting a meeting to discuss working together to recover more of the $50 million that's been lost as a result of the United Way scandal. The only response was that the United Way dropped our locally based charities from its campaign.


President and CEO

America's Charities