Given the amount of coverage your newspaper devoted to the Tour de France, it's remarkable how much pertinent information was missed, even at the race's end ["Armstrong Gets Historic Tour de France Victory," front page, July 26]. Yes, you reported who won each stage every day and who won the race for the overall best cyclist, otherwise known as the yellow jersey. Every detail of Lance Armstrong's performance was dutifully recorded. But if you asked an average Post reader who won the competitions for best sprinter and best climber, for instance, the question would be met with confusion.

The Tour de France has a number of competitions in addition to the contests for each day's stage and overall best cyclist. The best sprinter, "King of the Mountain," best team and best young rider are all important and deserve at least a sentence in any report. But who would have known from reading your newspaper that there was a decent competition for the green jersey (best sprinter), between Australian Robbie McEwen and Norwegian Thor Hushovd? Who would know that, with Frenchman Richard Virenque winning his seventh polka dot jersey (best climber), Armstrong would not be the only cyclist to make the record books this Tour?

It is true that the yellow jersey is the most important competition of the Tour de France. But why the silence on these other competitions? At least some of your readers are interested in knowing, and it takes nothing away from Armstrong's achievements.

-- Christopher Gould