What could anyone at your newspaper have been thinking to do a cover story on the sad, misguided Jessica Cutler ["Blog Interrupted," Magazine, Aug. 15]?

She takes money and gifts for sex; she has sex with various men in a short time period (more than one a night); she uses drugs; and she admits to being willing to be sexually abused while drunk. This is the story of a woman with a serious pathology; your paper made her out to be a fun party girl with a few quirks.

The only thing I could hope for is that seeing this article and her terrible story revealed would cause her to get help and change. Unfortunately, I think the article is likely to make her more of a celebrity in her own mind and in the minds of those who worship celebrity in any form.

-- Andrea Kline

Silver Spring


I take issue with "Blog Interrupted" reporter April Witt, who seems to think that Jessica Cutler's plight has something to do with a "lack of deeply held American values such as conformity . . . and sacrifice." I guess some people think that conformity and sacrifice are the glue that holds our society together, and not respect for oneself, consideration for others, commitment to honesty and truth, rationality, moderation, open-mindedness, autonomy, affection for our fellow travelers on the road of life, and patience in working on solutions that try to accommodate the needs of all.

-- Nancy Rader

Acton, Mass.