As a former classmate of Robin Mitchell, who was murdered on Aug. 14 by her husband in Arkansas, I was appalled by the tone of "The Man of Your Nightmares: When Good Husbands Go Bad" [Style, Aug. 24]. I know reporters do not write their own headlines, but the copy editor here was clearly just doing her job: matching the snarky, flippant tone of the article.

Reporters (and I used to be one) would do themselves and their readers a service by remembering that the victims they cover are real people. Robin, who has been often rendered little more than a tragic footnote to her husband's vicious, incomprehensible crime, was a real person. All of us who knew her at Harvard University and beyond only have to draw on our searing pain to be reminded of just how real and short her life was.

-- Lynn Burke

Jamaica Plain, Mass.


Shame on your paper for equating New Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevey with accused murderers.

To recap: McGreevey stood next to his wife and publicly admitted to having an extramarital affair, but the men to whom your paper compares McGreevey -- Mark Hacking, Scott Peterson and Robert Howard -- are accused of killing their wives. What is it about McGreevey that makes your paper think he should be lumped in a category with these men? His marital infidelity? His sexual orientation? This article was unfair, incongruous and downright irresponsible.

-- Elila Levinson