Has The Post become tired of reporting Metro breakdowns?

The last two I experienced on the Red Line received only brief notices in the Metro section. Both, however, involved not only poor policy (unloading the train for one sick passenger) and broken equipment (dead train at Farragut North) but a meltdown by Metro personnel.

The sick-passenger incident produced an incredible display of incompetence. The train at Shady Grove was unloaded per Metro rules, but bringing another train into the station then took more than 40 minutes. By that time, the sick passenger had left, but instead of reloading the train, Metro sent it away empty.

On Aug. 24, when a train died at Farragut North, it took Metro about 30 minutes to move it. A train waiting in the tunnel was finally brought in on the opposite side of the platform and it ran on that track to Union Station. At Metro Center people were scrambling up and down the escalators trying to get to the train that was going their way but was on the other side of the station from normal. Metro, however, was too quick for them and shut the doors before they could get aboard. Then, a train appeared on the normal side of the platform, and people went running again. That train was packed.

Metro seems to be too complicated for its employees to operate. Decision making is lagging behind technology. And riders are not happy!


Silver Spring