What a disgrace! Your paper grants former Enron chief executive Kenneth Lay prominent op-ed space so that he can complain that the case against him is purely political, or, as Lay claims, a "flimsy, hollow shell" ["The Politics of My Trial," Sept. 1].

Readers of Lay's piece will notice that he does not comment on all the guilty pleas from former Enron executives. Nor does he mention that he advised Enron employees to buy Enron stock even as it dropped in price and as he was unloading much of his own.

Lay claims to be ignorant of the illegal shenanigans and the pillaging of Enron by its executives. But the government is building its case against Lay guilty plea by guilty plea.

Lay's day in court will come soon, and he will receive the justice he deserves. But the government should not rush the legal process.

-- Mark Crockett

Kents Store, Va.


Whether Kenneth Lay is guilty of the charges against him is for the courts to decide. It is stunning, however, that your paper would allow him to present himself to your readers as a victim. If your editors are fair, then they must allow the thousands of people who lost their life savings while he was Enron's chief executive equal space.

Have your editors lost their way?

-- Geoff O'Neill

Silver Spring