Benjamin L. Ginsberg's tired old diatribe about liberal media bias aside ["Swift Boats and Double Standards," op-ed, Sept. 1], he raises a valid point about the Kerry campaign's connections to so-called 527 groups.

The web of former campaign aides, lobbyists and political allies of both parties who make up the leadership of most prominent 527s are scrupulously honoring the letter while savaging the spirit of campaign finance law.

The Kerry campaign went down the wrong path when it challenged Swift Boat Veterans for Truth on the basis of an ineffective law that does little more than add another layer of obfuscation and cynicism to the political process. The more straightforward strategy of exposing the whopping lies, brazen half-truths and head-spinning contradictions of that group of Vietnam-era malcontents and unofficial Bush campaign operatives is much more effective.




Benjamin L. Ginsberg's criticism that Democratic involvement with various 527s does not receive the media scrutiny of his and other Republican campaign officials' involvement with Swift Boat Veterans for Truth overlooks one crucial factor. The ads produced by the Democratic-leaning 527s do not lie, mislead or distort the truth regarding President Bush and his administration's record. The same cannot be said about the smear campaign of the Swift boat group.


Camano Island, Wash.