William Gildea said what I've been thinking about Peter Angelos's reasons for fighting the relocation of a baseball team in Washington or Northern Virginia ["Make Room in the Owners' Hall of Shame," Sports, Aug. 31]. Is it really just the potential loss of fan support from the Washington area that worries Mr. Angelos? Or could it be that the Orioles' management will need to put a better product on the field to compete for the fans' loyalty with the relocated Expos?

The Orioles may need to invest in upgrading their minor league system to foster future talent. Montreal's farm system has always been good at developing talent because, for a variety of reasons, the Expos have been unable to retain veteran players beyond their original contract terms.

I hope Major League Baseball will relocate the Expos to the Washington area and base the decision on the best interests of baseball, not of one owner.




If William Gildea is going to make room for Peter Angelos in the "Hall of Infamy" for team owners, I suggest Mr. Angelos's plaque be placed next to that of Jack Kent Cooke, former owner of the Washington Redskins.

When the Baltimore Colts moved to Indianapolis, Mr. Cooke did everything in his power to keep football out of Baltimore. He even proposed building a stadium in Laurel, halfway between the two cities, on land within the Baltimore metro area. He was unsuccessful in keeping football out of Baltimore because football does not enjoy the antitrust exemption that baseball does and thus cannot control where franchises are placed. But where was the outrage in Washington when Mr. Cooke was trying to keep football out of Baltimore?

I do not blame Mr. Angelos for trying to protect the value of his investment. I hope he is successful in his quest to keep baseball out of Washington because his product -- the Orioles -- is already available to Washington residents.

Baltimore residents drive south to see the Wizards, who were moved from Baltimore (as the Bullets) by another owner who should be in the Hall of Infamy. Washington area fans can do the reverse.


Blue Ridge Summit, Pa.