I was disheartened and upset to read on your Web site that the "Boondocks" comic strip was not being featured this week because of "content issues."

One thing that I have always liked about your paper is its openness in allowing readers to make their own judgments about the content of the articles and comics featured. An example was when your paper was one of the first to carry the story line of homosexuality in the "For Better or For Worse" comic strip in 1993, when a character's friend "came out of the closet." This was followed by an article about the story line [Ombudsman, April 18, 1993]. I looked at this as another way of getting people to open their eyes and realize that this orientation exists in our lives and communities whether people agree with it or not.

Aaron McGruder's "Boondocks" strip gets close to the edge without going overboard. Comics of this type that deal with many of life's issues from another perspective (i.e., urban, black, etc.) challenge us to think as well as look at ourselves and those around us and talk about those issues. The great part is, McGruder makes us laugh in the process. We need more of this challenging humor.

Most of your readers are mature enough to decide what they will read and what is "tasteful." To not give them the choice and to just decide to not feature the strip is rather insulting to their intelligence and undemocratic in the process.

-- Ingrid A. Williams

Fort Washington