The Post neglected to give credit to the two designers of the new nickels ["Mint Reveals Redesigned Nickels; Heads, a Bolder Likeness of Jefferson; Tails, a Bison or the Pacific," news story, Sept. 17].

The designer of both the new portrait of Thomas Jefferson and the "Ocean in view" side is Joe Fitzgerald of Silver Spring. The designer of the bison side is Jamie Franki of North Carolina.

These beautiful designs were chosen from hundreds submitted in a nationwide competition, and it seems only fitting that the artists' work should be recognized.





In case no one noticed, both Thomas Jefferson and the buffalo (on the Indian head nickels) used to face left. On the new nickel, they face to the right.

This brings to mind the aborted attempts of James G. Watt, one of Ronald Reagan's interior secretaries, to turn the left-leaning buffalo to the right.


Silver Spring


How nice that the U.S. Mint is giving Americans a new coin. Unfortunately, it is continuing the same strange system our coinage has always used: The value of the coin is not being provided in numerals.

The United States hosts more than 10 million foreign visitors every year. Additional millions of citizens are not fully literate in English. How many know the value of a dime or a quarter of a dollar?

The United States should end its monetary confusion by marking the value of each coin in numbers, as is done in almost every other country.