It is disingenuous for your paper [editorial, Sept. 22] to trumpet a biased study, by no less than the Maryland State Highway Administration, to bolster its long-standing position in support of the intercounty connector.

For more than 30 years, nearly every major study has reached the opposite conclusions on this boondoggle. That is, until the contributions from developers and contractors that were driven by Montgomery County Executive Doug Duncan and Gov. Bob Ehrlich's pave-at-all-costs machine got the upper hand. Montgomery County will be bifurcated by this concrete monstrosity primarily to meet the needs of politicians, contractors and builders; trucking companies will blast across the county by the thousands. All this on a toll road that would despoil the environment no matter how it is built and that would reduce traffic infinitesimally, considering its billion-dollar price tag. The intercounty connector creates a scenario of gridlock in the manner of Germantown, Clarksburg and Northern Virginia: the more highways, the more congestion.

You can build it if you have political clout to do so, but let's not try to fool the people, including those in Prince George's County. The intercounty connector is the problem, not the answer.

-- George A. Kanuck

Silver Spring