Bashing That is Beyond Passe

In his Oct. 1 column, John Kelly describes the French as "cheese-eating surrender monkeys."

Can we now look forward to columns featuring ethnic slurs against the Irish and other nationalities?

-- Julie Lloyd


Stop Dissing Women's Soccer

Which Washington professional sports team was the last to win a league championship? You wouldn't find out by reading the Oct. 1 front-page article "Diamond in Rough Shape, as Is the Rest of RFK."

Your article mentioned all of RFK Stadium's home teams -- minus one. How soon we forget the 2003 WUSA league champion Washington Freedom. The Freedom's three years as Washington's professional women's soccer team were overlooked by your reporters. What does it take to get your paper to give equal acknowledgement to women's and men's team sports, especially when that team boasts the most famous female soccer athlete in the world? And while we're on the subject, when will Mia Hamm be included in the Ring of Honor at RFK?

-- Christina Murray


Lieberman Kept His Edge

The Oct. 4 front-page article by Mike Allen and John F. Harris previewing the vice presidential debate cited an unnamed source as saying that Sen. Joe Lieberman "was left unprepared to score his points and lost much of the edge" in his matchup with Vice President Cheney four years ago. This is untrue. As his campaign manager at the time, I can attest that Lieberman kept the edge throughout the debate by sticking to policy and not personal attacks, by defending the Clinton-Gore record, and by drawing a clear contrast between the Democrats' positive agenda for the future and the Republicans' priorities.

After the debate, many commentators said it was one of the best in history, and praised both candidates for their strong performances. Giving credence to revisionist history about the Cheney-Lieberman debate left your readers "unprepared" and lacking the "edge" in viewing Tuesday's matchup.

-- Tom Nides


Not Speaking for All Indians

Joseph Daly [Free for All, Oct. 2] says that a poll by the University of Pennsylvania's National Annenberg Election Survey "found that 90 percent [of Native Americans] thought the nickname [Redskin] was acceptable." This is simply a false conclusion. This was not a survey of American Indians but a survey of Americans of all stripes living in the 48 continental states. Alaska, which has a substantial Native American population, was excluded.

Sixty-five thousand people were contacted, of whom only 768 self-identified as Native Americans. Ninety percent of this minuscule group, or 691 people, found no objection to the term "Redskin." I hardly think that 691 people who claim to be Native Americans should speak for the approximately 2.5 million American Indians living in the United States.

-- John H. Anderson


Rhymes With Racist

I was outraged to read the Sept. 18 "Rhymes With Orange" comic strip by Hilary Price, in which a white male executive tells a "brilliant" black male performer that his music is not marketable because he lacks an arrest record and a social history of a broken home.

It is difficult enough for black men to negotiate the daily obstacles of a social landscape that judges them before first words or handshakes are ever exchanged. There is no humor here, only a shocking lack of judgment by your editorial staff in allowing this strip to run. My young black son sees me read the paper every day and I encourage him to do the same, even if it is only the "funny pages." Unfortunately, some things are never funny, no matter how you slice it. You owe us all an apology.

-- T.P. DiFazio

Sandy Spring