Under the misleading headline "Household Chores Conform to Stereotype" and with an opening paragraph that Kim Gandy of the National Organization for Women couldn't have made more slanted, Amy Joyce [Business, Sept. 19] perpetuates the stereotype of the overburdened woman and her selfish male partner. What's incredible is that Joyce did so while acknowledging, deep inside the story, that although women spend about an hour more doing household chores and caring for family members than their male counterparts, men spend about an hour more at work than employed women.

-- David R. Burroughs

North East, Md.

Please tell Amy Joyce that if women are spending an hour more on housework than men and men are spending an hour more at work than working women, then that sounds pretty even to me. Joyce says there is a less than 6 percent difference in the amount of leisure time between men and women. Shouldn't the headline have read "Men and Women Approach Equality at Home and Work?" Instead, Joyce takes this good news and spins it into a web of misandry. She frames the article in terms of the need to get rid of the Homer Simpsons of the world. Oh, those bad men! The 21st century doesn't need this type of sexism.

-- Tom Golden