My family has had Redskins season tickets for about 40 years, and we have supported the team through thick and thin. But owner Dan Snyder and his management team have sunk to an all-time low with respect to their treatment of the team's fans.

My father and I attended the Monday night game against the Dallas Cowboys. When we arrived at 8:30 p.m., the stadium parking lot was gridlock. After we sat in the car for about 45 minutes, staring at the stadium (and at a parking pass that cost us $25), a Redskins representative told us there were no parking spots left and instructed my father to park between two rows.

The car was gone when we got out of the stadium. Several team representatives told us that the car had not been towed but that we must be in the "wrong lot." My father, a 62-year-old survivor of a heart attack and a stroke, was understandably shaken and stressed after walking around the parking lot for about 30 minutes. I asked him to stay put and continued searching for his car myself.

About an hour later we learned from a Redskins representative that when the stadium lot is full, the team instructs people to park "anywhere" and then, as spots open up, employees tow those cars into open spots. He told my father that the car was "somewhere" in the lot but refused to help us find it. We eventually found the car about 30 rows away.

This experience was a nightmare, to say the least.