I write in response to Bill Duggan's Oct. 10 Close to Home piece, "For Adams Morgan, a One-Way Street." As a homeowner who lives doors away from Mr. Duggan's business on 18th Street NW, I am all too familiar with the problems he described. I am also vice president of a local civic group, the Kalorama Citizens Association.

In cooperation with the Reed-Cooke Neighborhood Association, we petitioned the D.C. Alcoholic Beverage Control Board for continuation of a moratorium on new ABC licenses for our neighborhood. With the combined total occupancy of ABC establishments at more than 7,400, it is no wonder that our densely populated neighborhood has the types of problems Mr. Duggan described. I, too, wish for more police presence at our busiest times and for better city services at all times, but most of all I wish for a city government responsive to common-sense solutions that grow out of civic involvement by residents.

The problems Mr. Duggan described will no doubt grow worse because the ABC Board has decided to allow an unlimited number of restaurants to locate in our moratorium zone. This weakens the initial moratorium, which expired in July. Over time it also will eradicate any chance we might have had at building and retaining a diversity of uses in our commercial area.