The Oct. 3 editorial "As Darfur Waits" used the term "genocide," although people involved with the situation in Sudan, such as Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo, the chairman of the African Union, refuse to use such characterizations.

The editorial seemed to be based on the cynical exploitation of the Darfur crisis by discredited groups such as the Sudan Campaign -- groups that pay no heed to the root of the conflict or to the measures taken by my government to solve it. Nor did the editorial mention the atrocities committed by the two rebel groups in Darfur. This one-sided position discourages the rebels from making peace. Talks between the Sudanese government and rebel groups from Darfur, sponsored by the African Union, are taking place in Abuja, Nigeria, but Western media are not reporting that they have deadlocked on the issue of whether rebels should disarm at the same time as the Janjaweed militia.

Instead of bellicose statements to impede peace in Sudan, the U.S. media could push the U.N. Security Council to assist all parties in Abuja in finding suitable solutions and to help the African Union in supervising and monitoring efforts of all parties in western Sudan to establish peace and security.

Sudan seeks international help and investments to build a complete nation and remove the divisions and inequalities left by decades of civil strife.



Embassy of Sudan