After reading "Legal Battle for the Presidency Underway" on the Oct. 20 front page, and "Parties to Post Lawyers at Polls" on the front of the Metro section that day, I think it is time for a standard national election process. How can the process ever be fair if the rules vary by state?

Voter registration forms should be standardized, uncomplicated and easy to read, and they should require a minimum of information.

Electoral votes should be counted the same in each state. Either use the "winner-take-all" approach or divide the votes based on the popular vote.

The person overseeing elections in each state should be nonpartisan. How can we trust decisions made by people working on candidates' campaigns to be unbiased? The election process must be above the political fray.

The ballots also should be uniform (or at least narrowed down to a choice of two, such as touch-screen or optical scan) with the ability to produce paper ballots in case of recounts. The layout of the ballot should be simple.

Voters further should be allowed to vote anywhere in their district or maybe even their state. This would encourage more people to vote.

If the election process were standardized at a national level, a lot of lawsuits could be averted.