Mistakenly, Charles Krauthammer ["Sacrificing Israel," op-ed, Oct. 22] argues that John Kerry is so eager to rebuild the Atlantic alliance that he would appease the Europeans by abandoning Israel.

Krauthammer disregards not only Kerry's pro-Israel record but the U.S. policies of the past 60 years. After all, it was Harry S. Truman, a Democrat, who helped create Israel, and all Democratic and Republican administrations have since supported that country's security.

To rebuild the Atlantic alliance, Kerry has proposed steps that have nothing to do with Israel. One is to replace the self-righteous lecturing of allies with serious consultations. Another is to allow European companies to compete for contracts in Iraq. And Kerry has proposed to modify visa requirements so that more Europeans could come here to visit our country as students and tourists. As a Holocaust survivor, I too worry about Israel's security. But the source of my worry is not Kerry but Krauthammer, who seems to think that America needs only one ally in the world.

-- Charles Gati



Charles Krauthammer's bias toward Israel has become absurd. For him the phrase "re-engage in the peace process" means to "sacrifice Israel."

He repeatedly and continuously defends Israel's occupation, oppression and violence against the Palestinian people and has become unprofessional in his one-sidedness in this complex and tragic conflict. He should find another subject to discuss.

-- Milton Thompson



Charles Krauthammer questions whether John Kerry would be supportive of Israel.

The position of the Kerry-Edwards team on Israel is clear. According to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, John Kerry has a 100 percent pro-Israel voting record. He has declared forcefully that we must never pressure Israel into compromising its security, he has defended Israel's right to targeted action against terrorist murderers, and he is committed to finding new Palestinian leadership.

-- Jesse Grauman