Like Mitch Katz ["Marooned Outside Margaritaville," Close to Home, June 26], I, too, was an unsuspecting parrothead in search of a good time at the Jimmy Buffett concert when I entered into what could be a horror B-movie on the back lot at Nissan Pavilion.

When a friend and I finally got to Nissan Pavilion about 8:15 p.m., we requested handicapped parking, but we were told the lot was full. We also were told that a tram ran from the distant back lot where we were told to park.

But we saw no tram. Not wanting to miss any more of the concert, my friend, who has chronic pain that is exacerbated by walking, made the long, long trek to the gates and negotiated way more steps than I ever imagined to get to lawn seating.

When we went to leave, again no tram was in sight. Within minutes of getting to our car about 10:50, the road was so clogged that no tram could have made it through anyway. Nor did we see any sign of a tram during the hour and 40 minutes we had to wait before we could leave.

I cannot end this sad commentary without pointing out another disturbing problem. When held captive for such lengths of time, many people need a restroom. However, the back lot, unlike the front lot, had no portable toilets. Many people headed for the brush.

This is humiliating. Plus, had someone been accosted or had an altercation broken out, there would have been no security people around to help. When we finally reached the convergence of the parking lot drive with the main exit drive, we saw six to eight police officers, all in one spot.

Apparently these problems are well known, yet they have persisted for years. Why?

I, like Mr. Katz, plan never, ever, ever to venture near Nissan Pavilion again.