I would like to thank The Post for bringing attention to the man-made catastrophe that has begun crashing down on millions of Americans ["Human Toll of a Pension Default," front page, June 13]. I am a former employee of United Airlines. I dedicated more than 17 years of my life to a company I loved. I worked hard, served my customers and co-workers, and persevered through some difficult times.

In the end it all counted for nothing, because I still lost my job. On May 11 I received confirmation that I also will be losing much of my pension.

The decision of the bankruptcy court to allow United to terminate its pension plans is discouraging. United has discarded the last vestige of its commitment to current and former employees; hundreds of companies are waiting to follow suit. What will this mean for taxpayers? I strongly urge Congress to put in place a law that abrogates the benefits packages and golden parachutes given to the managers and directors of companies that choose to terminate their employee pension plans and dump their problems on the U.S. Treasury. Perhaps knowing that they, too, will be required to pay a price for such a move will prompt some of our business leaders to come up with fairer and more permanent solutions to difficulties their companies encounter.


Emerson, N.J.