Timothy Dwyer's front-page article about the Comcast-Angelos imbroglio ["Nats Caught in a TV Rundown; Rights to Air Games at Center of Dispute," June 28] was excellent.

When all is said and done, the only sure losers in this situation are Nationals fans. They already have missed many a thrilling game, and they never will get those moments back.

Comcast and Orioles owner Peter Angelos will get their money. When will the fans get anything?




I was interested in the June 30 front-page article "Nationals No-Shows Could Cost D.C. in Taxes," but for a reason other than team finances.

I often have noticed empty seats at sold-out Redskins games too, and I've wondered why we have no way to get at least some of these tickets to disadvantaged children through youth clubs and similar avenues. Football, baseball and other sports tickets used in this way might be tax-deductible, not to mention that giveaways could build a future base of ticket-buyers.

I work with a nonprofit organization in Northeast, and we would be thrilled to take some of the children who study with us to a ballgame once in a while. I'm sure many other organizations could put unused tickets to good use, too.