What Were You Thinking?

Regarding "In D.C., 'W' Spells More Than Baseball; To Partisan Fans, Nationals Logo Infused With Meaning" [news story, July 5]: David A. Fahrenthold's article brings divisiveness into something that has the potential to unite the Washington area. This was an absolutely infuriating article that turns a piece of baseball tradition into yet another partisan football.

-- Allen Muller


Foiling Identity Crooks

The June 30 editorial "Have You Been Stolen?" said, "Once your name, date of birth, address and Social Security number go astray, you are permanently at risk." Well, this is hardly top-secret information. My name and address are in the phone book, even Chuck E. Cheese knows my birthday, and my Social Security number is required information on many transactions.

The problem is not that this information can get in the wrong hands. The problem is that someone would issue credit merely on providing such common, everyday information. We should make it the lender's burden to prove that it was me who took out the credit, or make the lender take the loss and be responsible immediately for cleaning up my credit -- no further questions asked. This is the only approach that will curb the problem.

-- Mark Greiner

Tracys Landing

They Are Not All Insects

Since I hate to see an entire class of the animal kingdom slighted, please allow me to point out that only two of the six endangered cave-dwelling species referred to in a recent editorial ["Not Just a Win for Bugs," June 25] are insects -- the Tooth Cave ground beetle and the Kretschmarr Cave mold beetle. The other four are arachnids: the Bee Creek Cave harvestman, Bone Cave harvestman, Tooth Cave pseudoscorpion and Tooth Cave spider.

-- Steve Davies

Takoma Park

The writer is editor of the Endangered Species and Wetlands Report newsletter.

Income Tax Havens

The June 26 Close to Home piece "A Capital Short of Capital" said that "all American states and many cities tax income earned within their borders." That is untrue. Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington and Wyoming do not tax personal income. Tennessee and New Hampshire have dividend and interest taxes but do not tax wages.

-- Patrick Syring


Hometown Tune

In the July 4 Style article "Washington, O Washington: A Capital Unsung," I find it interesting that Paul Farhi refers obliquely to "every Sousa march" without mentioning "The Washington Post March." As a native Washingtonian, this is the song that I most identify with my home town. It may not be popular, but it always makes me think of home.

-- Christine V. Druhan

Silver Spring

Anger Mismanagement

In just seven paragraphs, Richard Cohen [op-ed, June 28], in the guise of a critique of Edward Klein's new book on Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.), labeled conservatives as "village idiots," "gullible nincompoops" suffering from "madness," "suckers" who "cannot tie their own shoes," and, finally, "useful idiots of our times." That certainly convinced me. Cohen is much wiser than those of us who routinely vote counter to his wisdom. Meanwhile, I recommend anger management therapy for Cohen, at least for the next three years.

-- Ed Linz