The news that Rafael Palmeiro was suspended for steroid use is deeply upsetting [front page, Aug. 2] to this lifelong Orioles fan. Although I've never met Mr. Palmeiro, I felt as though I knew him. I cheered for him in the good days and stood by him in the (many) bad ones. I believed him in March when he told Congress that he had never used steroids, "period."

Now, his admission that he ingested banned substances makes me feel betrayed by someone whom I've never even met. And I am sure I am not alone.

Orioles fans must accept that their once-beloved Raffy lied. It wasn't that he "never" used steroids, "period." It was that he never intentionally used steroids, period. His wordsmithing rivals that of our political leaders, and that is no compliment.

The thought of Mr. Palmeiro putting on an Orioles uniform again is nauseating. He's destroyed the trust placed in him, and he doesn't deserve a place in one of the greatest franchises of all time. He should do the right thing and quit; if not, owner Peter Angelos and the rest of the Orioles should make that decision for him.