What was the purpose of Fred Bowen's July 29 KidsPost article about Freddy Adu? It was an odd mix of mean-spirited criticism and curmudgeonly advice to aspiring athletes. It's enough to make me wonder whether "Fred Bowen" is the KidsPost nom de plume for longtime misinformed soccer critic Tony Kornheiser. Those of us who have watched every minute of Adu's on-field career recognize that he is working hard in practice and growing as a player under the tutelage of head coach Peter Nowak and his fine staff.

Adu is beginning his career at an unprecedented time in professional soccer. The financial stakes have never been higher for a quality player. He is lucky to be at one of the finest "third-rate" outfits in the world. The next time a young athlete is asked to play for a "better team," she and her family should ask themselves about the quality of the coaching and character of the potential teammates. Adu could not do better in this regard. When Adu is off playing in Europe in a few years, I am sure that he will appreciate this challenging time of growth with D.C. United.

-- Bill Freeman