It all started with George Washington -- Virginia's presidential maternity, that is. But there's a lot more to the relationship between the Old Dominion and 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Take this quiz and see how much you know. Answers are on Page B5.

1 Pick the Virginia plantation where George Washington was born:

a) Pope's Creek b) Mount Vernon c) Berkeley d) Woodlawn

2 Who of these choices was not one of the eight presidents born in Virginia?

a) Zachary Taylor b) Franklin Pierce c) John Tyler d) James Monroe

3 Which Virginian was the first career soldier to become president?

4 True or false? Two of Virginia's eight presidents died in office.

5 Which of the following Virginia towns is not a presidential birthplace?

a) Staunton b) Barboursville c) Port Conway d) Roanoke

6 Which Virginia president is also known as the Father of the Constitution?

7 Which one of these Virginians had the shortest term in office?

a) Thomas Jefferson b) Woodrow Wilson c) William Henry Harrison

d) James Madison

8 Which Virginian was the first president to be married while in office?

9 True or false? Most of the Virginia presidents were lawyers by occupation.

10 Last but not least, how many Virginians have served as vice president?

1 a

2 b

3 Zachary Taylor

4 True. William Henry Harrison and

Zachary Taylor both died before

finishing their terms.

5 d

6 James Madison

7 c. Harrison died after one month in

office after contracting pneumonia

at his inauguration.

8 John Tyler

9 True. Only Washington, Harrison and Taylor had no legal background.

10 Only two: Thomas Jefferson,

who was John Adams's vice president, and Tyler, who took office after Harrison died.