Sabaa U. Saleem's July 31 Outlook article, "Being Muslim in a Mad, Sad World," began with an anguished presentation of how a Muslim who is a citizen of this country feels when faced with the terrorist activities of fellow Muslims.

Unfortunately, Ms. Saleem lost my empathy when she quoted two British organizations on civilian deaths in the Iraq war. She did not identify the organizations, so I had no way to judge their authenticity, their sources or their ethics. In war, civilian deaths are inevitable, but I have seen nothing from the United States that confirms the numbers Ms. Saleem quoted -- at least 25,000 Iraqi civilians dead, more than one-third of them allegedly killed by U.S. troops and their allies.

The most telling part of the author's story was the omission of the estimates of how many innocent people, including children, have been targeted by suicide bombers in Iraq. What is the motive of these young Muslims for killing their compatriots and fellow Muslims?

The motives Ms. Saleem offered for the bombings in London and Egypt cannot be applied to the bombings in Iraq. What reasoning does she have to offer for the Iraqi situation?