Regarding Colbert I. King's column "You Can't Fight Terrorism With Racism" [op-ed, July 30]:

The angst and anger of the columnist and other minorities over the issue of terrorist profiling is both understandable and misplaced. In my New York Times piece, I argued for profiling not a race but rather a narrowly defined high-risk group of individuals who are behaving suspiciously on city subways. That's targeted profiling, not racial profiling.

King fears that his African American sons would be profiled. But the suicide-bomber indicators I cite from official government documents would almost certainly rule out Mr. King's sons for profiling. They also would exclude elderly Muslim women. Why should they be stopped and searched when they don't remotely fit the terrorist profile?

A great many people of color are put at risk every day by the lack of profiling at airports and train stations.

New York's random search policy is just the latest example of political correctness run amok in this war against Islamic terrorists. As I document in my book "Infiltration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives Have Penetrated Washington," Transportation Secretary Norman Y. Mineta is fining airlines millions of dollars for removing suspicious Arab men from flights and has even warned them that kicking off four Arab men brandishing guns could bring a reprimand if their nationality played a factor in their removal.

How absurd. By ignoring the obvious in the name of blind tolerance, we are only committing politically correct suicide.

-- Paul Sperry