A group of young women from the Washington area won the Little League Softball World Series, and The Post covered it with an article in the Style section that started with a description of the clothes and earrings worn by a supporter ["McLean's 'Home' Team Cheers On Its Champs," Aug. 19]. While the article gave us some information about the McLean team's path to the championship game, it certainly was not up to the coverage that the Central Springfield Little League team got when it went to the Little League World Series in 1994.

The win in Portland, Ore., was quite an achievement, and I, for one, would have expected it to be covered in the Sports section, with information about the batting, hitting and fielding in the game. The article was sparse on such statistics, though it did give us the final score and noted that the game ended with the opposing team grounding out.

-- Eleaner Loos



I was happy to see that the McLean softball team won the Little League Softball World Series. Even though I have only sons, I was caught up in the excitement that a local team had such wonderful success. I was disappointed, though, that The Post opted not to run this victory on the front page of the Sports section but instead ran a brief item inside Sports and put a feature in the Style section. While I am sure the team was glad to get such enthusiastic coverage, I think it sends a strange message to girls and boys to put a girls' sports story in Style rather than in Sports, where it clearly belongs.

-- Wendy Lawrence