Diana Abu-Jaber ["What's in a Name? Ask This Traveler," op-ed, Aug. 20] finds herself caught in a frustrating loop of questioning, uncertainty and virtual detention at airports, apparently because of her name. Somewhere in the official ether her name triggers a negative reaction in Transportation Security Administration computers. In a world in which credit card databases of tens of millions of names can respond in seconds, it's reasonable to ask why it takes the TSA system so long to come up with an answer. At the least a more enlightened and sympathetic debriefing from the TSA would seem to be in order.

Ms. Abu-Jaber can try several things to improve her situation, according to a recent article in National Geographic Traveler magazine. One is to use her middle name, if she has one, possibly eliminating her name from the field of possible suspects on the TSA rosters. She also might get in touch with the TSA ombudsman at 866-289-9673 or go to www.tsa.gov and put the words "watch list clearance" into the search box to request a passenger identification verification form. Filling the form out might lead to a resolution of her problem.

If not, I look forward to her next column.


Silver Spring