Although I was born and spent half my life in South Carolina, where the Civil War began, I was not aware that southerners who still revered the Stars and Bars preferred the term "War Between the States" to "Civil War" until I read the Aug. 26 news story about Judge John Roberts's use of the term in an article he wrote for President Ronald Reagan. I thought the term of choice among those folks was "The War of Northern Aggression."

When I was growing up in the South during the 1950s and '60s, people simply said "The Wah" (that's southern for "war") when talking about the Civil War. Of course, everyone understood that was not a reference to World War I or II.

But articles with as little substance as this one make it appear as though you are trying to cast doubt on Roberts's support for civil rights and haven't been able to find anything better than a choice of terms that doesn't make any difference to anybody anymore. I am not a supporter of John Roberts for the Supreme Court. But please, if you can't say something meaningful about him, don't say anything at all.

-- Linda L. Gill