In her Sept. 10 Style column about "Shelter From the Storm," the all-network telethon to raise money for hurricane relief, Lisa de Moraes wrote about Kanye West's performance: "Honestly, so much of the song got bleeped because of the use of profanity and the repeated use of a racial slur, it was a garbled mess." This came as a surprise to me because I produced and directed the program. West did not use any profanity, nor did he use any racial slurs, nor was he bleeped at all. In the interest of fairness, de Moraes owes West an apology.

De Moraes also said, "Jennifer Aniston talked about the suffering of the babies in New Orleans, which was really mean to ask her to do, what with her husband having left her for Angelina Jolie, who keeps taking in orphans while Aniston is childless and denying those rumors that's one of the reasons she and Brad Pitt split." To take a cheap shot like that, especially one that is based on tabloid stories, is beyond irresponsible journalism -- it is cruel and insensitive. Aniston was one of the first people to offer to participate in the program, and she was moved by this story. She wanted to share it with the people watching all over the world. Why would a writer even think about connecting her personal life to such a horrible tragedy?

It's a shame that de Moraes had to report on good people trying to do good work with such a mean and inaccurate eye.

-- Joel Gallen

Studio City, Calif.

The writer was executive producer of "Shelter From the Storm: A Concert for the Gulf Coast." A clarification related to this matter appears on Page A2.

Jennifer Aniston during "Shelter From the Storm: A Concert for the Gulf Coast."