J. Freedom du Lac's Oct. 2 review of Coldplay's concert at Nissan Pavilion on Sept. 30 crossed the border into the Land of the Absurd.

Of the 10 paragraphs in the article, only three mentioned the band's performance. The other seven paragraphs compared the band to U2 (quite righteously) and the Dave Matthews Band (huh?), mocked frontman Chris Martin's singing, speculated on the marriage between Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow, and then, last but not least, ridiculed us fans who packed the sold-out show as "medium-level dull people" who listen to Coldplay in "new cars. . . . True artists make music to be played in old cars." Thanks, I'll remember that next time I'm at the car dealership.

Did an editor even read this drivel before it went to press? If someone did, they would have recognized this mean-spirited review as something more appropriate for a blog than The Post.

-- Monika C. Jansen

Potomac Falls


In my 52 years I have been called many things, but "dull" is not one of them.

Reviewers do seem to relish the stage of written criticism as a place to show off some witty insults, but a broad sweeping insult to anyone who likes the music of Coldplay and Dave Matthews Band as well?

Since many of the folks who read concert reviews are fans of the music, it would seem that this is insult for the sake of insult -- the kind of thing you'd expect in a sarcastic column in a college paper, not in The Post.

It seems that the worst thing a rock band can be is popular -- immensely popular -- but without the edginess that shocks. The trouble with looking for edginess is that you tend to miss nuance. J. Freedom du Lac was surrounded by hordes of "medium-level dull people" who could have helped him find it.

-- Suzanne Sutton


Coldplay fans rock out at Nissan Pavilion on Sept. 30.