J. Freedom du Lac has taken the license afforded him by The Post to turn the art of the music review into a personal soundboard and platform for skewering music that is anathema to his own tastes. In his review of U2's show at MCI Center ["U2, Saving Its Thunder for First," Style, Oct. 21], he slipped into personal denigration ("Bono-as-Bono is insufferable sometimes").

The tens of thousands of people who attended the two shows displayed more than a bit of awe, not to mention energy. When was the last time MCI Center -- or any other D.C. venue, for any event, sporting or otherwise -- was filled to such capacity with a crowd so visibly moved? Clearly, du Lac was in a different world (by choice) to assert that the show he saw was a "good-but-not-quite-great concert."

-- Matthew D. Lewis


As a U2 fan, I was embarrassed and annoyed by J. Freedom du Lac's sloppy coverage of U2's recent performance at MCI Center.

There was nothing "inexplicable" about why Bono sang "Ol' Man River." He introduced the song as a tribute to those volunteers who have traveled to the Gulf Coast to assist victims of Hurricane Katrina.

-- Phillip Thompson


U2 singer Bono performing at MCI Center last week.