Regarding "Treatment of Coyotes Called Inhumane" [Metro, Oct. 22]:

The trap being used by Michael Adcock, the steel-jawed leg-hold, is an archaic device that inflicts great pain and suffering on wild animals and unintended victims such as family pets. The leg-hold trap is so cruel that eight states and more than 90 nations have banned its use. The use of the steel-jaw leg-hold trap also is an ineffective means of resolving conflicts between Fallsgrove residents and coyotes. Research has shown that widespread, lethal control of coyotes often results in their population rebounding because, among other factors, reducing population can cause increased survival rates or increased litter sizes in the remaining coyotes.


Fur Free Campaign Coordinator

The Humane Society of the United States


The writer is a plaintiff in the court case opposing Michael Adcock's use of the leg-hold trap.


I disagree with the insinuation that everyone wants the coyotes to leave Rockville. It is possible for us to responsibly and safely coexist with these wild animals as long as we follow guidelines to prevent conflicts.

While researching urban coyote-human interactions for my master's degree, I learned that keeping pets and their food indoors; sterilization of domestic pets; routine lawn care; removal of fallen rotting fruits and vegetables; and properly fitting trash and compost receptacles can help prevent attacks on people and their pets.

Coyotes are successful in many urban environments because of their adaptable behavior and ecology. Learning how they use this environment is paramount for management techniques and conflict prevention.


Falls Church