THESE ARE the candidates and ballot measures in Virginia supported by The Washington Post:

Statewide races

Governor: Timothy M. Kaine (D)

Lieutenant Governor: Leslie L. Byrne (D)

Attorney General: R. Creigh Deeds (D)

House of Delegates (contested races)

District 13: Bruce E. Roemmelt (D)

District 32: David E. Poisson (D)

District 35: Stephen C. Shannon (D)

District 36: Kenneth R. Plum (D)

District 37: John Mason (R)

District 38: Robert D. Hull (D)

District 39: Vivian E. Watts (D)

District 41: Dave W. Marsden (D)

District 42: Gregory A. Werkheiser (D)

District 43: Mark D. Sickles (D)

District 44: Kristen J. Amundson (D)

District 45: David L. Englin (D)

District 46: Brian J. Moran (D)

District 50: Harry J. Parrish (R)

District 51: Earnest W. Porta Jr. (D)

District 52: Hilda M. Barg (D)

District 67: C. Chuck Caputo (D)

District 88: C.A. "Chuck" Feldbush (D)

Arlington School Board

Ed Fendley

Fairfax County School Bond

Fairfax voters should vote "Yes" on a referendum to borrow $246.3 million by selling bonds to build an elementary school in the western part of the county and renovate, expand and upgrade a number of existing schools. Such bond proposals contribute importantly to a public school system that is one of the country's best. Among other projects, the bond sale would finance a $63 million refurbishment of Edison High School in Alexandria and provide funds to prepare for the impact of the Pentagon's plan to move thousands of new jobs into the county.

Loudoun County Bond Questions

Loudoun voters should vote "Yes" on nine bond proposals at referendum, which, in a departure from past practice, have unaccountably been split into separate questions on this year's ballot. The county's turbocharged growth has led to overcrowded schools. The bonds would finance construction of a second high school in western Loudoun, at a cost of $63.5 million, and pay to renovate and build several elementary and middle schools. About $8 million would go toward a new fire station in Purcellville.