I was disturbed by the racial undertones in Courtland Milloy's Nov. 7 Metro column, "Royalty Comes in Many Hues." He juxtaposed the visits of African royalty and that of the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall, and said about their visit: "The world went wild with delight. But here's the rub: The same formula does not appear to work so well when the visiting royalty is black."

While I agree that Prince Charles and Camilla received many accolades, I would argue that they were deserved and expected. Britain is, after all, the United States' closest ally. If one were to look at the greater context of royalty in the world, one would see that Americans are not too aware of royalty beyond the British royal family. Once in a while, the U.S. media cover the royal family of Monaco (whose matriarch was American actress Grace Kelly). But the royals of the other European regal houses do not tend to generate much interest. Just last week the crown prince and princess of Spain had a daughter, and there was no coverage by The Post or any other major newspaper.

The American interest in, and reverence for, Britain's royal family is underscored by our shared language and strong cultural, economic and political links. The lack of interest on the part of black Americans in African royalty is the same as the lack of interest by white Americans in the various European royal houses.

-- Jonathan A. Lieberman



The coverage of the visit to our country by members of the British royal family was embarrassing. The constant references to Princess Diana were uncalled for, and for Camilla's attire to be compared with Diana's "haute couture" is simply inane. This is Camilla. This is another time. She is a different person, at a different age. The plethora of articles covering Camilla's outfits in several sections of your paper was excessive and insulting. I cannot remember reading of a visit from any guests to our country that was in such bad taste. An apology, please.

-- Elizabeth Eig


Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, leave Point Reyes Station, Calif., on Nov. 5.