Regarding Alex Roth's Nov. 15 letter about the difficulty of enrolling in motorcycle safety classes:

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) is the developer of the motorcycle training curriculum used throughout the country and provides certification for more than 7,500 course instructors or "RiderCoaches" nationwide. However, the states administer the actual training through their individual programs.

The MSF is aware of the lack of available training in the District. It has offered to administer a training program at its own cost, asking only that the D.C. Department of Motor Vehicles provide a suitable training range and classroom. At least initially, RiderCoaches would come from states nearby. The offer still stands.

As far as Mr. Roth's inability to obtain immediate training, for weather reasons most states shut down their training programs at this time of year.

Mr. Roth also mentioned that training books he ordered from the MSF were back-ordered. We shipped his order in a little more than three weeks, as soon as it was available from the publisher.


Director of Communications

Motorcycle Safety Foundation

Irvine, Calif.


David C. Walsh said in a Nov. 15 letter that motorcyclists doing "wheelies" are a rarity. But in the past month alone I have been passed by at least two dozen "road rockets" doing at least 100 mph. Many more riders on more conventional motorcycles passed me traveling way over the speed limit. Perhaps Mr. Walsh could explain how "other drivers" induce motorcyclists to travel at speeds not even close to the posted limits.

This sort of behavior is prevalent and obvious to anyone who does any significant driving in the area -- particularly in the Virginia countryside. Attributing this sort of riding to safety education, or the lack thereof, is nonsense. Blaming motorists for cyclists' accidents is even sillier.

Reckless fools should have their licenses revoked.