World Wide Where?

The Post has done it again: David Vise's Nov. 22 story, "World Digital Library Planned," and James Billington's Nov. 22 op-ed column, "A Library for the New World," mentioned present and planned databases accessible via a Web site but failed to give the site addresses. Very frustrating for readers who might like to learn more. Why discuss the grandiose plans for the digital future by the Library of Congress if you are not going to tell us how to access it?

-- Bob Westgate


Distasteful Decisions

I am disenchanted by the deterioration of The Post's taste and judgment over the past few years -- especially in the Style section. Cases in point: the Nov. 18 Style story "A Comic Sweet as Punch," about a foulmouthed comedian (Sarah Silverman), and Robin Givhan's "Power Dressing the Ottoman Way," which was accompanied by two color photos showing two women who are nearly falling out of their outfits.

Your paper gave Silverman a color photo on the front page of Style and a full page inside with two more photos and a second story. Why all this free publicity? What was said about her certainly wasn't worthy of all that space in a major newspaper.

I have been a Post subscriber for 40 years, and your deteriorating priorities, taste and values are a huge disappointment.

-- Ken Fredgren


Kvetching Over Kornheiser

Tony Kornheiser [Sports, Nov. 17] is right about Washington Capitals rookie Alex Ovechkin -- he's great and underappreciated. But Kornheiser's Yiddish is a little off. The few Caps fans who remain love Ovechkin, so we're kvelling over him, not kvetching!

-- Joshua Sunshine


I Don't Know Street Slang

The Nov. 18 front-page article "Who Shot Cam'ron?" certainly got my attention. It showed me how culturally deprived I must be. I was bewildered as I encountered in print: "blinged out," "street cred," "beefed" and " 'flossing' " (not the dental activity). Is that the way Post staff writers intend to communicate with their readership? Is this the first sign of a new trend being launched? If there are to be further rapper items, perhaps they should be accompanied by a dictionary of rap talk for us out-of-touch old geezers.

-- Reynold Greenstone


Not All Margarines Are Good

Buried in the "Diet Tips" graphic accompanying the Nov. 16 news story "Scientists Fine-Tune Diet by Adding Beans" is the stunning suggestion to use margarine as an alternative fat. Many margarines are known to be loaded with artery-clogging trans fats that displace essential fats in the body, a major obstacle to increasing "good cholesterol" levels.

-- Marilyn Higgs

Severna Park

Must Be Hunting Season

Why has The Post decided to become Field and Stream? In just over a month your paper has printed four articles about hunting: stories about an 8 year-old girl who shot a bear [Metro, Oct. 25]; an article about teenage deer hunters [Sports, Nov. 6]; a piece about one of your reporters' love of hunting [Outlook, Oct. 30]; and most recently, a story about a grown man teaching a young boy how to shoot squirrels [Style, Nov. 19]. The latter article notes that the number of hunters nationwide is declining every year; is your paper attempting to counter that trend?

-- Nick Gershwin

Silver Spring

Washington Capitals rookie Alex Ovechkin.