Like Carl Eifert ["On the Dulles Go-Around," Close to Home, Nov. 13], I have spent hours driving around Dulles and Reagan National airports waiting to pick up passengers, but I know of at least two airports that are "pickup friendly."

Baltimore-Washington International allows one hour of free parking in its garage. And the next hour is only $4.

Phoenix has a special free lot with a large electronic board listing all incoming flights, their arrival status and the terminal at which they are arriving. This makes it almost painless for those waiting to pick up arriving passengers.

Copying Phoenix's method would require some expense, as would the provision of an hour of free parking (rather than the 20 minutes allowed at Dulles and National), but the reductions in traffic and pollution would be worth it.



Carl Eifert wrote about the ridiculous practice of making people circle airports, rather than allowing drivers to wait for the imminent arrival of those they're picking up. I agreed with everything Mr. Eifert wrote until I got to this line: "Of course, the police have good reasons to keep traffic moving in these edgy times."

Do they?

If someone wanted to do damage from a car, whether the car is moving is irrelevant. But these days, the appearance of safety seems more important than actual deterrents. So many policies established since Sept. 11, 2001, throw common sense out the window in exchange for "doing something."

The stay-seated-for-30-minutes rule for flights leaving from and arriving at Reagan National Airport has been jettisoned. I hope this "keep moving your suspicious car" rule is next.